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Rosemary Bath Salt

Rosemary Bath Salt

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Refreshing bath salts make your evening dip one to look forward to. 
  • Soothing soak works wonder as a sit-in, foot bath, or for cleansing lingerie or pillowcases
  • Uber nourishment permeates dead skin and oozes into your pores for ultra relaxation
  • Salts eventually soak into water or can be sopped up into any sponge creating a scrub-like effect for 2-in-1 usage 

Includes: Our Soothing bath salts are made of Dead Sea salt, Himalayan Sea salt, and Epsom salt creating a slight foam topped with smooth Tea Tree Oil, Aloe, Rosemary Extract, and Lavender Oil. This combination of essential oils and extracts helps to reduce inflammation and calm muscles. 


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